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Roland TD-1KPX2 V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit-USED-RRP £1013

Roland TD-1KPX2 V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit-USED-RRP £1013

Roland TD-1KPX2 V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit-USED-RRP £1013    Roland TD-1KPX2 V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit-USED-RRP £1013
Roland TD-1KPX2 V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit. Item showing minor signs of use. Small hit marks on cymbals and pads. Otherwise item is in as new condition and functional. The following is the original, new product description. Following the great success of the previous TD-1KPX drum kit, the Roland TD-1KPX2 features the same innovative, folding design with Roland's signature mesh-heads for a superior drumming experience and unparalleled playability. The TD-1KPX2 features an updated kick pad which is now built into the MDS-TDKP2 stand for convenience. Aimed at the everyday drummer and musician, the Roland TD-1KPX2 Electronic Drum Kit can be setup and collapsed in seconds, without the need to remove any pads or cymbals. This quick and easy assembly removes all hassle in gigging situations where setting up a kit can be a lengthy process. With a minimal footprint and lightweight design, the TD-1KPX2 will easily fit in any space, at home, on stage, or in the studio. Due to the nature of the configuration, the TD-1KPX2 provides full support for kit expansion, allowing drummers to extend their kit to suit their preference. The wider kick pad also supports a double kick pedal setup, so virtually any pedal of choice can be used. The Roland TD-1KPX2 V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit features a host of quality pads and cymbals, including a kick pad, snare, three toms, and cymbals including hi-hats, a ride, and a crash. Despite their compact sizes, the pads and cymbals deliver an authentic Roland V-Drums feel. The 8-inch PDX-8 and 6.5-inch PDX-6 mesh pads utilise Roland's dual-triggering technology, providing drummers with the most accurate response to every single hit, both on the head and the rim. The cymbals offer a realistic swinging movement which enhances natural response whilst providing a realistic feel throughout play. The cymbals also offer separate bow and edge triggering and support chokes for enhanced realism. The snare and tom pads on the TD-1KPX2 all feature Roland's highly-acclaimed mesh-heads, offering superior response and sensitivity with a natural and realistic feel. The heads also offer low-noise operation and are perfect for quiet practice, without the unwanted'thump' sounds which are often standard with many electronic drum kits on the market. You have the option to swap out your regular drum pedal for an optional KT-9 beater-less kick pedal which completely removes the sound created by the pedal hitting the bass drum. You can even plug in your own headphones and practice at night without disturbing anybody else. The TD-1KPX2 Drum Kit offers a range of built-in training functions which allow drummers to consolidate, develop, and boost their current skills. Play along with the integrated metronome, or use the Coach function to build up your speed, stamina, and accuracy of drumming. The TD-1KPX2 sound module also features a selection of songs which you can play along to, or simply plug in a smartphone or media device via the Mix In jack for access to unlimited playing possibilities. With the built-in recording function, you can playback your drumming for instant feedback. Ideal for beginner and developing drummers who want to track their progress as they develop, the Roland TD-1KPX2 V-Drums Drum Kit is a superb learning/practice tool. You can easily connect the TD-1KPX2 to any computer via a USB cable to unlock access to MIDI control over audio editing software and an extended collection of sounds that are built into your audio software. You can easily transfer your playing completely to computer-based recording software to capture the true essence of you playing style within your recordings and drumming sessions.

However you choose to play back your sounds, the Roland TD-1KPX2 Electronic Drum Kit is the ideal device for virtually any drumming scenario. Authentic V-Drums performance in a compact and foldable drum set that can be played anywhere. Innovative folding stand with built-in kick pad packs down quickly without the need to remove pads or cymbals. Roland's famous mesh-head V-Pads for snare and all toms provide great playing feel and natural response. Updated kick pad with wider playing surface to support double acoustic kick pedal setups.

Includes high-quality sounds derived from top-line V-Drums modules. Develop drumming skills with a variety of easy-to-use onboard practice features. Display: 7 segments, 3 characters (LED). USB COMPUTER port: USB B type.

TRIGGER INPUT connector: DB-25 type (Kick, Snare, Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3, Hi-hat, Crash 1, Ride, Hi-hat control). Interface: USB MIDI (Transmitting only). Leaflet "USING THE UNIT SAFELY". Dimensions (Including Kick Pedal, Cymbals, and Drum Throne). Width: 1,000 (W) mm (39-3/8 inches).

Depth: 1,200 mm (47-1/4 inches). Height: 1,250 mm (49-1/4 inches). Width: 415 mm (16-3/8 inches).

Depth: 610 mm (24-1/16 inches). Height: 750 mm (29-1/16 inches).

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  • Brand: Roland
  • Type: Electronic Drum Kit
  • Model: TD-1KPX2
  • MPN: TD-1KPX2 KIT-eBay-CBS3822
  • EAN: 4957054511432

Roland TD-1KPX2 V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit-USED-RRP £1013    Roland TD-1KPX2 V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit-USED-RRP £1013