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Roland TD-50k V Drums Pro Electronic Drum Kit

Roland TD-50k V Drums Pro Electronic Drum Kit
Roland TD-50k V Drums Pro Electronic Drum Kit

Roland TD-50k V Drums Pro Electronic Drum Kit    Roland TD-50k V Drums Pro Electronic Drum Kit
Practically New Electronic Drum Kit for Sale. It is in great condition. Please note: kick pedal, snare stand, hi-hat stand and drum throne are not included. Collection Only from Central London. Roland TD-50 Series Artist-Tuned Kits.

Roland are currently offering a free download of their TD-50 Series Artist-Tuned kits which are compatible with any TD-50 drum module. The latest artist series kits are designed for those looking for out-of-the-box performance and quality, with powerful sounds that have been pre-tuned by professionals. For more information and to claim your free download of Roland's TD-50 Series Artist-Tuned Kits, please. Dynamic Prismatic Sound Modeling for Professional Performance. The Roland V-Drums TD-50K features the TD-50 Module - a powerful tool for pro drummers.

The new Prismatic Sound Modelling technology conveys every element of your performance in thrilling detail. When you combine this module with Roland's new trigger pads with advanced trigger-sensing technology you're guaranteed the most authentic, expressive and resonant drum sounds you'll hear from any electronic kit. The Roland TD-50K series drum kits utilise a special electrostatic capacitance touch system on the both the PDS-140DS snare drum and CY-18DR ride cymbal. The system allows you to use the same playing techniques that you would use on an acoustic kit, on electronic drums. Playing rim shots is now as simple as placing your hand on the head.

The sensors can even detect how your stick hits the rim and will adjust your sound accordingly for the most realistic experience possible. Cymbal muting can now be activated with as little as a finger touch, thanks to the dedicated mute sensor around the bow area of the ride. Advanced Sound Customisation for Live and Studio Work. The TD-50K includes onboard kits to suit every session. The advanced module supports deep sound customisation, including basic adjustment of heads and shells, layering of internal and user samples, and adjustment of overhead mics and ambience control.

For tailored performance, the compressor and 3-band EQ effect can be controlled for each pad individually, while three independent multi-effect sections let you treat specific drums with 30 effect types such as delay, flanger and saturator. The 2-band multi-compressor and 4-band equaliser let you change the output balance and volume, depending on whether you're in the studio or onstage. Genuine Snare Techniques with 14 PD-140DS. The Roland PD-140DS V-Drums Snare is a digital trigger pad that features Roland's latest technology for expressive drumming. A 3 layer mesh head is fitted to a 14 shell for natural rebound and response. New multi-element sensors capture all the dynamics of your playing, including rim shots and cross sticks, and produce a natural, detailed sound. Enjoy Advanced Cymbal Work with the CY-18DR Ride. The Roland CY-18DR Ride Cymbal provides an authentic and expressive drumming experience.

High-resolution sensors detect every nuance of your playing from hard to soft and in every position from edge to bell. It gives you more dynamics than ever before supporting a wide range of expressive techniques including cymbal legato, soft bell stroke and muting - simply touch the bell or bow with a finger or palm to mute the cymbal with natural decay.

The CY-18DR features acoustic style 18 dimensions for authentic swing motion and playability so it'll feel comfortable and familiar to any acoustic drummer and your favourite playing techniques are easily transferred. Flagship electronic drum kit with ultimate expression. TD-50 module with Prismatic Sound Modelling and all-new onboard sounds. Newly developed 14-inch PD-140DS Digital Snare with a high-resolution multi-sensor system.

New 18-inch CY-18DR Digital Ride provides accurate positional sensing and improved dynamics. Play your own WAV samples via SD card. USB 10-channel audio out for multi-track recording through a single USB cable. Stereo XLR master output and eight TRS direct outs provide balanced connections to a PA.

Metronome with Quiet Count plus audio recording/playback functions for practice. Drum sound module: TD-50 x 1. V-Pad DIGITAL Snare: PD-140DS x 1. V-Pad (Tom1, Tom3, Tom4): PDX-100 x 3. V-Cymbal Crash: CY-12C x 1.

V-Cymbal Ride (Crash): CY-13R x 1. V-Cymbal DIGITAL Ride: CY-18DR x 1. Drum Stand: MDS-50K x 1. 5 (TOM 2, AUX 1--AUX 4).

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  • Brand: Roland
  • Type: Electronic Drum Kit
  • Number of Pads: 4

Roland TD-50k V Drums Pro Electronic Drum Kit    Roland TD-50k V Drums Pro Electronic Drum Kit