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Tourtech TT-12S Electronic Drum Kit Headphone Bundle

Tourtech TT-12S Electronic Drum Kit Headphone Bundle
Tourtech TT-12S Electronic Drum Kit Headphone Bundle
Tourtech TT-12S Electronic Drum Kit Headphone Bundle
Tourtech TT-12S Electronic Drum Kit Headphone Bundle

Tourtech TT-12S Electronic Drum Kit Headphone Bundle   Tourtech TT-12S Electronic Drum Kit Headphone Bundle

Tourtech TT-12S Electronic Drum Kit Headphone Bundle. The Tourtech TT-12S Electronic Drum Kit Bundle offers a convenient beginner drum kit set up in one super affordable package. Including absolutely everything you need to get up and drumming immediately.. Including absolutely everything you need to get up and drumming immediately, this kit features high-end functions at an amazing price.

The Ultimate Entry-Level Starter Kit. When it comes to purchasing your very first drum kit, for either yourself or someone else, the number of options can be overwhelming.

That's why TourTech have created the ultimate starter pack for the new drummer. This cost-effective bundle includes a full electronic drum kit, drum stool, stereo headphones and a pair of drumsticks to make sure you have everything you need to get up and drumming straight out of the box. Offering a compact design, a quiet playing set up and superb affordability, the TourTech TT-12S Electronic Drum Kit Bundle is a no brainer! Tourtech TT-12S Electronic Drum Kit Bundle Includes.

1 x Tourtech TT-12S Electric Drum Kit. 1 x Numark HF125 Headphones. 1 x TourTech TT-DT32C Drum Stool. 1 x Pair Drum Sticks. Tourtech TT-12S Electronic Drum Kit Configuration.

1 x TT-12S Sound Module. 1 x Bass Drum Pedal. The TourTech TT-12S comes complete with a full drum kit set up and an intuitive, easy to use sound module. The module is basically the "brain" that all the pads link to.

When you hit one of the pads, it sends a message to the sound module telling it to play a sound. The TT12S is packed with over 200 build in sounds and 20 preset drum kits.

Featuring a library of sample drum sounds ranging from realistic sounding acoustic kits to famous drum machine sounds, there's a sound for every situation in the TourTech TT12S Module. You can even store 10 of your own user-made drum kit presets so that you can use all your favourite sounds quickly and easily. The sound module has an easy to use front panel with a digital display to help you navigate the 200+ sounds, and changing the entire kit sound is as simple as pressing a button. No previous experience or knowledge of sound modules necessary, this intuitive drum module has an easy to follow interface that you can get your head around quickly without needing to trawl through the manual. Simply plug in and play!

Another cool function of the TourTech TT12S is the inbuild recording function which lets you record your playing quickly and easily. The TT-12S module has a recorder built into it so there's no need for extra cables or any need to plug into anything else. Simply hit record and play. Recording yourself is not only a great way to share your performances with your friends and family it's also a brilliant way to track your improvement. Check whether you play that drum beat as good as you think you do by recording your practice into the sound module to listen back and assess your progress instantly. Featuring a full drum kit set up, the TourTech TT12S includes a snare pad, 3 tom pads, a hi-hat pad, crash cymbal, ride cymbal, bass drum pedal and a hi-hat pedal to ensure you have all the essential components you need.

All the pads are robust and durable to ensure they withstand the longest playing sessions and the hardest hitters. The pads provide a dynamic and satisfying playing feel that make this kit lots of fun to play. Both pedals are heavy duty to make sure they are long lasting whilst providing a responsive playing feel. The perfect entry level kit, the TourTech TT12S is an amazing full drum kit set up at a great price.

The snare pad of the TourTech TT-12S features dual zone triggering, something which is uncommon on drum kits in this price range! What dual zone means is that the snare pad has 2 independent sensors within it that let you trigger two different sounds from one pad. Hit the centre of the drum pad to achieve a full-on snare sound or strike the rim to create a realistic cross stick response.

Having dual zone triggering on the snare enables the ability to play this electronic kit exactly like you would an acoustic kit. Therefore, new drummers set out on the right path developing authentic techniques from the start that they can easily transfer to an acoustic kit in the future. Drummers are essentially the clock of the band, providing a consistent backbeat that helps everybody to stay in time.

It's therefore important that new drummers develop a strong sense of timing so that they can keep a consistent tempo. An essential tool for drummers of all abilities!

All the pads and the module fit securely to the included rack stand system to ensure a compact, sturdy and durable set up. The stand is partially built straight out of the box to keep set up to a minimum and to make sure you're up and drumming in no time. Offering the most simple and compact set up of the TourTech Drums range, the TT12S is perfect for bedrooms or small spaces. Easy to fold away and extremely portable, this electronic drum kit is ideal for those who are short on room or want to take their drum kit to performances or practices.

The sound module of the TT-12S features an aux jack input to allow you to easily connect devices such as phones or smart tablets so that you can jam along to your favourite songs. The TT12S sound module also provides MIDI and USB functionality, which means you can connect the drum kit to a computer to record directly into recording software. Offering a simple and easy way to record high quality stereo drum performances, the TT12S provides an awesome way to record studio quality drum tracks. Having the MIDI function also means you can connect the electric drum kit to other devices to expand the sounds that you have available. Offering the ability to expand your drum kit means this is a setup that truly grows as you improve, meaning you should be able to continue playing your TourTech drums for years to come without feeling like you've outgrown them.

Not only do you get an amazing, top quality drum kit at an amazing price, this bundle also includes a drum stool, headphones and drum sticks! The TourTech DT32C Drum Throne is a reliable, super sturdy drum stool that provides comfort and support to make sure you feel your best behind the kit.

Featuring a rugged double braced steel shaft and an anti-sinking lock screw, this Tourtech drum throne is height adjustable to accommodate a range of players and features a soft, padded round seat for comfort. Also included in this package is a set of Numark HF125 Headphones to ensure you can practice quietly with great quality audio without bothering your neighbours or family members. These headphones are incredibly light and have a padded headband along with comfortable ear cushions so you can wear them for longer and concentrate on your performance. And last but not least you even get a pair of quality drumsticks to make sure you can get drumming straight away!

Providing absolutely everything you need in one convenient bundle, the TourTech TT-12S Bundle is an amazing package at a brilliant price. From the compact, portable, sturdy stand and the dynamic drum pads to the sound packed module, heavy duty drum stool, isolating headphones and included drumsticks, this is a full, top quality bundle that's perfect for the drum beginner. Tourtech TT-12S Electronic Drum Kit Bundle Specifications.

TourTech TT12S Electric Drum Kit. Complete 7-Piece Electric Drum Kit. Ergonomically designed rack-system with easy set-up and fold-down feature. 250 high quality percussion voices.

20 preset drum kits + 10 user defined drums kits. Dynamic, real-feel cymbal and drum pads. Expressive hi-hat and bass drum pedals. Built-In Song Playback and Recording. Aux-in for MP3 connectivity - Play along to your favourite artists.

Connect to your computer via USB. 2 x 1/4 TRS Jack Line Master Outputs. MIDI In and Out, USB Connectivity. Adjustable height: in 5 steps from 50 to 63 cm / 19.7" to 24.8". Diameter: Round seat (32 cm/ 12.6). Construction: Steel shaft w/anti-sinking lock-screw. Weight: 3.1 Kg/ 6.8 lbs. Max static load capacity: 330.69lb / 150kg. As the UK's premier music retailer, we specialise in the supply of Guitars, Drums, Amps, Keyboards, Pianos, PA & Live Sound, Recording & Studio Equipment and DJ Gear. This item is in the category "Musical Instruments & DJ Equipment\Percussion\Drums\Drum Kits". The seller is "pmt-online" and is located in this country: GB. This item can be shipped to United Kingdom.
  • MPN: TT12S
  • Brand: TOURTECH
  • Type: Electronic Drum Kits
  • Experience Level: Beginner
  • EAN: 721782556485

Tourtech TT-12S Electronic Drum Kit Headphone Bundle   Tourtech TT-12S Electronic Drum Kit Headphone Bundle